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Originally Posted by Denim Collector View Post

oh - I also like to add that this pair uses the zipper fly, not buttons like most other thavars.


Originally Posted by gloriouscafe View Post

I've never seen a pair of shavers with buttons


Originally Posted by gloriouscafe View Post




Thavar / Thanaz are zip fly, didn't see any button fly Thavar except fakes!

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OMG i'm not worthy... you guys are absolutely correct.... i go slap myself now brb.

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Went shopping this afternoon in London and had a chance to look over these. I got to say they do look very nice in the flesh. That said they didn't work for me on two fronts. Firstly the fit. I tried on a 30x30 and they were too tight around my thighs and Im not what you would call built. I have put on weight recently but I expect to do more legs and I think these would get very uncomfortable very fast. Secondly I don't think I have any outfits that can pull off medium blue colours on Jeans. Just before I ventured into the Carnaby Street store, I thought Id give G-star a quick look in and try out the fit. Its a shame because if I felt i had the wardrobe to pull off the 829b I definitely would despite the thigh discomfort. Ive put some really bad camera phone pics below (blackberry + overly lit changing rooms so excuse the bad pics)


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picture is too small cant see nuthin

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Originally Posted by jm08adm View Post

Perfect fit

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Looking good.

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Guys what do you think? Keep or not?

Thavar 829B W32 L34

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Weenie - I think it looks good on you man...  some other forum member indicated these jeans bleed.. can you verify?

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well, i like the jeans, it is an unique wash, but my opinion, these are not 270€ worth ( here in Germany ), i bought them for 210€ that price is ok! the wash is similar to 8E7, an other blue eyecon, only darker
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Hey Weenie I think they look great on you.  Does your pair have fraying just under the knee?  My pair has a small hole there and is very frayed in that one spot.  I'm thinking of putting a patch in to protect it.

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Like it, good fit.

Can you tell me the hem size? Looks pretty small for thavar.

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@Weenie, buy on ebay. I paid 170euro in mine!


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Yeah mine bled so hand washed em cold no soap hopefully that helps.
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DC what do you mean with bleed?

@dieselicious the hem is 17 cm

@sani yes they have

And thank you all for your opinion
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By bleeding he means does the jeans color rub off to other material such as white shirt, shoes, or any light fabric. Correct me if I am wrong.
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Thx fresh3

i get the jeans yesterday, so i can not much say about those bleeding, but sanibeldude bought the jeans a time ago, we should ask him!? @ sani do you confirm that?
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Yes, I'm also curious to know if these jeans bleed... none of my other Diesels ever have. Sanibeldude, can you confirm that they do? Thanks!

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Just noticed my hands were a little blue after wearing them. Didn't notice them bleeding anywhere else. I've never had any other diesel jeans do that before.
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Tried these on today. I really like the wash. Looks much better in the flesh. But not £240 worth in my opinion.


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30% off on 829b, soooo tempting
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I'm gonna do it...
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It's definately a stunning wash .And this thread finally pulled the trigger...and it's expected to arrive next week. exciting~

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hehehe yah the forum is bad... I tried this on before and I thought it was nice, but wasn't Wow for me, mainly due to the fact its hard to match clothes with. But then after looking at the photos on here and you guys saying you gonna buy it; it makes me want one now too!!!!! 

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hesitation is suffering ... fortunately and unfortunately the size i wear doesn't really allow so much time for that .

W29 L30 seems to run out very soon , and it would be too late when decision is made.

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