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"Reboot" jeans ?

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I have spotted jeans called "reboot" there is a black tepphar that seems interesting. Why are they called "reboot" ? Thanks !
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I guess because the whole collection is a #REBOOT as they include that on their e-mails now and on their website. 
Its like the re-birth of Diesel or taking in back to life I guess. Maybe that's all because that Nicola guy who is the head of creativity behind Diesel now.

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Btw. that black "reboot" tepphar is jogg jeans...

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If i am not mistaken reboots are joggjeans and there are joggjeans which aren't rebooted ?
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Jogg Jeans are are hybrid combining Denim and Sweatpants.
The REBOOT campaign is simply a line of products that celebrates Diesel as a brand and its history. The jeans included in the REBOOT campaign just happen to be Joggs.
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