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Diesel Sneaker Size

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How do Diesel's sneakers fit?  I always size down from 41 to 40 for Diesel's dress shoes and boots.  Do the sneakers also run big like the dress shoes/boots?  Any advice would be awesome!

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Dont size down from your boot, dress shoe size. Byu size 41. At least this "rule" works for me.
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My Diesel dress shoes are all size 44 (with the exception of one being 43), whereas all my Diesel sneakers are size 45.

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thanks for the advise fellas!  That's what i figured but just wanted to get a few more inputs!

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DS sneaker is true to size, in additon, you can use the size chart of DS (JP size) and minus 1 cm, this is the length of your foot, for ex, if my foot is 27cm => choose size indicate 28cm in JP size in the size chart ( size 10US)
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Do you guys size down on Diesel flip-flops, because there`s no front enclosure ?

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Ok, my bad...should have asked the straight way in the first place :mrgreen: Say...if i want a pair of flip-flops, and they doesn`t have my size, could i size down considering there`s no front enclosure so they won`t be tight on the toes like a normal shoe? Sure it`s a good thing to not get the toes walking themselves on the pavement :)

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If you size down, I'd imagine the base area of the footwear would be smaller... and your toes/heels then would already be walking on the pavement. Better to stick to your normal size.

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Something like this, with the toes hanging off of the sole :D


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Gunners fit true to size

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Fits true to size for me. Don't buy if you need arch support I can only wear mine for a couple hours before it hurts my feet. So worth it though
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