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Most popular Diesel size

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Hello people, as Diesel grew on me for the last 6 months(thanks to DenimBlog Forum) I have to say that I got so interested in the brand that I started watching their Shows(catwalk review of the collections). There are some pretty nice looking guys who make even Narrot(IMO the ugliest cut of them all) to look good on them. And then again I started asking myself what is their size because they look great.

So my question is what are the most popular Diesel sizes?

And what size do you guys think are most of this men over here at this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mz58toEISOw


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Most models have to fit certain measurements as sample sizes are always W32 L32. So models mostly have to fit these sizes so the ideal model would be W32 L32, 38" chest and UK size 9 shoe. Now not all models are this size hence why the clothes look better on some than others. Some models even retrofit clothes to suit(hemming, cinching the waist, etc).
I'm not just making this up either, we checked it out a while back. Btw, this is for diesel. As I got a buddy of mine who works for asos as a buyer to find out for me. He said that it also depends on location. UK and Ireland the most popular size is 34/32 and 32/32. These sizes are also apparently the most produced. Other countries will have average sizes that'll be less or more.
Interesting topic! I'm sure some people will have different opinions on this!
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Make sure you check out Diesel's official YouTube channel, as the fashion shows are uploaded regularly.

Following them on other social media might also be helpful to stay updated at all times.


The Diesel models (like models for other brands) all have to fulfill certain requirements in terms of their looks that correspond with the corporate identity of the brand they are modelling for. You will most cerainly recognize a certain 'style' among the models when you watch a fashion show of any designer brand. The typical Diesel male model is masculine and very stylish. In addition to that, a quite athletic build makes the image complete. I once had a conversation with a Diesel employee who told me that most of the denim samples that are used at runway shows are around waist size 31-32. You see that the jeans showcased on the catwalk aren't worn super-skin-tight but rather a bit relaxed. Of course you also have to take into consideration that the models don't have time to break the jeans in so sizing up is a logical consequence in this case.

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Brilliant show! Haven`t seen it until now; and the guys marching togheter was so funny :)  This is what i`m talkin about, the perfect Narrot fit, and that guy, surely has some fitted body.


               Here`s the same guy on the main SS13 show wearing some fern patterned Narrots:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foSHX3aQ3I4 , nice music all the way.

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If your quest is to find the perfect Narrot fit then I'd say you should probably have a look at Karacho's fit pics! ;)

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I did :) Yes, he has a couple of pairs of Narrot and i was hoping that he would see my thread opened yesterday. I already found the pair of Narrots i would need for my outfit, it`s the one in the first 2 pics i posted above, i just don`t know how this type of jeans would fit and what size i`d need so i`m still doing the research. And btw Daaan, i din`t forget you with the fit pics of the Tepphar 602M size W28, it`s just that i haven`t received them yet...coming from USA to Romania :sleep:.  Apologies to straychev for hijacking the thread with my ugly Narrots :mrgreen:

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very interesting topic! I think these guys just have athletic body. Also, the correct proportions of height and weight. I think this is the main secret. I also agree with phukette, size models is 32. Some sellers on Ebay sell jeans that are not officially available for sale. And they say that these jeans from the podium( fashion show) and they also always 32.

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oh wow! I was not expecting this thread to go this far. Nice!
Thank you for your opinions and responses guys, i really appreciate it ! :)
I know for sure that G-Star Models wear size 34 in Slim/Skinny Jeans as I have a friend who works for G-Star here in the Netherlands. But I was not sure about Diesel, as their models look a bit muscular and stuff.

But many thanks to all of you who replied here :)

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