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Tepphar 827J

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A new wash, looks like the diesel "acid" wash release (8L9..) two years ago. Your opinion ?

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I would say you have to see them IRL to judge. They could be nice.
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I don't like. but anyway, need to see the real picture

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Originally Posted by Jyri View Post



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I think that this is a bad version they have on show at Cultizm.
Here is a picture from the other thread - I am hoping to buy a pair like this one......

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maybe it's just a mistake cultizm. they look like completely different washes

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That's too much for me. Lol
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the one leftvapor posted are really nice. dont like the ones on cultizm

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I like how they look on the photo from diesel

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This pair looks awesome!
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so basically be very VERY cautious ordering this one online lol

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but in size 27x30 cultizm only have them; i know that i can send them back but why so much difference depending the place you buy them ???

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It wont depend wnere you buy them, it will just vary from pair to pair like previous washes such as 880W, 881W, 887V etc.
My guess is that they used a shite pair for their photos!
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just get them from cultizm, they have free return

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