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thavar NE 825I

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please your opinion about this wash ?

are they jogg jeans ? I suppose yes according to the name and the sizing (26, 28...) ; but this black glittering denim does not look like usual joggjeans, so what ? :)

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yes they are jogg

90% cotton, 8% polyester, 2% spandex

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Should i buy them ?
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Sure, if you like Jogg jeans and the black glittery wash, why not? Go for it, mate!

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but i have read that jogg jeans go bad very quickly ?
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Go bad?

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Cloth tears apart that's it
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it does look pretty cool - but if jogg jean material not wanted you should check out Belther 824E.. should fit you nice.

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Belther is not slim enough icon_smile.gif
That's really weird that doesel manufacture darker jeans for summer and lighter for winter...
I thought that joggjeans had a string around the waist to knot but these have buttons ?
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Thavar joggs are buttons... look 604N or Thavar reboot or other thavar jogg's that's in market today.

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