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Diesel Belther 828T, 2014 Spring/Summer Blue Eyecon Review & Fit Pics.

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Hi Everyone - Today Cultizm delivered me a pair of jeans I've been waiting patiently since the SS14 preview came out.  Belther 828T Blue Eyecon.



My initial thoughts when I first opened the pkg is hmmmm its just a typical medium blue jean.  Which is true to certain extent.  But on second look at the jeans I start noticing the little details to this pair.  We will get to that later.


The jeans are made out of 65% cotton and 35% Lyocell.  I got my typical size 28x30 and it fits nice right out of the box.  I guess if you like your jeans super tight you could size down 1 but it will be uncomfortable to start, but i think will stretch out nicely.  my 28's now I guess fits me nice but I'm scared it'll stretch out once I wear it longer.  I'll keep you posted when I start wearing them next week.


They feel similar to Tepphar 804k because of the Lyocell mix, but they are at no where near as loose as 804k is.  The thickness of the denim I would guess is around 10-11oz.  Its neither thin or thick.  Quite standard.  Its thinner than 817H or 888P, but thicker than 804K.  Its similar to 818v, 824e and even 801A that I also own.





As you can tell from the photos - this pair is quite contrasty between the faded distressed part vs some other parts of the jeans.  Initially I thought they have a very very slight rust patina like 824z or 811p.  But after further inspecting I take that back.  its barely noticeable so I'd say they don't have it.


The jeans comes pre wrinkled and pre stacked.  but it does not have the 3D logo.  Comparing to my Belther 824E they are not nearly as wrinkly and unfortunately they do not fit as nice as 824E does.  Belther 824E and Shioner 801A ultimately are still best pairs in my opinion when it comes to hugging and wrapping around your body.  (here's a review I did on Belther 824E: http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/198780/diesel-belther-824e-black-jeans-detailed-review)


The jeans also have very slight black whiskers similar to what we see at Thavar 886B and 801C.



Overall I do like the jeans but I must say its probably the least loud of the 3 blue eyecon's this season.  I believe Krayver 827x & especially Thavar 829B will be much interesting pair to look at.


If you're missing medium blue jeans in your collection I think this is a great pair to own.  This pair is quite subtle and it has a very quiet 'wow' factor to it.  I will be keeping this pair.




Thanks for reading guys!  Let me know if you have any questions about this pair or like me to compare it w/ something else.

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Nice review! Thank you very much DC.

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Nice, looking good icon_smile.gif
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Belther fit you perfect DC!
Amazing colour, congrats!
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Originally Posted by Shlomi View Post

Belther fit you perfect DC!
Amazing colour, congrats!


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They look great buddy and an excellent review as always.
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Originally Posted by Phukette View Post

They look great buddy and an excellent review as always.


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Denim Collector, these jeans are amazing! This season's BLUE EYECONS are amazing in my opinion! I have seen & tried one pair(Krayver) and I have to say that Spring Summer 2014 Blue Eyecons are great! They are made of a lighter denim(perfect for more hot weather) aldo they feature a more mid-blue colour, instead of a dark blue or even indigo. SO that makes them good to me.

Great review, great fit & of course great jeans!
I will be looking for a pair like this to try somewhere, as they are of interested to me! :)

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much better in your pics than the one's ive seen online.

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Thanks Everyone!!!  


@straychev - you mentioned a very good obvious point that i missed.  Yes the jeans would fit nicely in spring/summer time.  It does feel it'll breath nicely and won't be too heavy and thick and hot during the summer days.. good call.  but i guess true test comes when weather becomes warmer..

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Great fit DC!

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Great fit and review, DC.
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great fit!
I wanna know if Kraver is gonna replace Darron ?!
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krayver is comparable to krooley or braddom. belther should replace darron soon i hope.

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im afraid i will disagree with you on that freeradical82

I don't think that Krayver is comparable in fit with Braddom.

And i would say that Krayver is comparable to Krooley IMO, i've had Krayver and I have to say that it fits pretty much like Krooley :)

And I also don't think that Belther is meant to replace Darron(I also don't hope so)

Because there are so many people who love Darron and I gotta say that it is still pretty popular among Dutch people. I see it a lot in public.
Larkee is the number one i see in public and Darron is the second one that I see a lot out in public.

And the fit of the Darron is not that similar to the Belther fit, so that's why I think it doesn't make sense to replace it. Yes, Sleenker is different from Tepphar, but still is replacing it ... strange & true.

I don't know i just don't want to see that many good cuts go. Braddom is so boring, i would be happy to see it off the shelves :D

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I would like to see Krooley and Darron pass away, never liked Darrons back pocket detailing and always hated how high the Krooleys waist is, Just IMO.

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I am not too sure about Krayver fit yet, can't wait to give it a try, but belther definitely does not fit like Darron.  I do see the neat tiny detail 'similarities' but the fit is off...

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A quick update.. Wearing these finally and just noticed the distress on the jeans are not lined... So I can see after these jeans worn in the holes may poke through .. Just make sure you watch your toes when you put these on.

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when i tried krayver on it felt like braddom to me but with smaller leg openings *shrug* as far as darron i thought the details were super cool 4 years ago, but i find they are starting to look very dated to me now. krooley i never enjoyed because the crotch is just too damn low. i guess we will see what diesel's plan is with cuts in the next year :) watch this space!

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@Denim Collector


Hi there, may I ask you how's going the jeans stretching after some wears?


The lyocell part is worring me....I heard jeans made with this fiber stretch a lot!



An other question, did you stick with your regular size?



And last but not least, how do you feel the belther fit while comparing it with thavar fit ? any difference?





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Hello - yah the lyocell blend makes it feel softer and they do stretch a little.  I've actually only put on 2 wears and so far I only notice it stretch out a little around the knee area.  I'll 3rd wear in few days but I don't feel it'll stretch out any further.


I stick to my regular size, 28x30


I think Belther fit is great, one main difference is the thigh is not as tight as thavar, and also the back pocket is lower down the butt.  thavar is more traditional fit, where Belther has more small details and stitchings here and there..  but overall I find the fit around the calfs and knee down quite similar to thavar.

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TY for your replies, Denim Collector :)

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Denim Collector, I've been wanting this pair of a day or two and I would like to know more about the fitting. Did it loosen up after some wear or it is still the same? Im asking this because it is a cotton-lyocell blend. Being a child of a man who owns and operates stores for clothing I must say that Im a bit worried. Because lyocell is used in some summer jeans because companies tend to use lighter denim because of the heat(makes sense) but they add lyocell in order for the jeans not to break down that easily.
So my point is, did it stretch out after some wearing or not? Im worried because size W30 fits me just a bit too tight, its not uncomfortable but with this lighter wash my legs look a bit like sausages in the pants. :D
I hope you can help me with your experience with the jeans.

I also would like to ask you kindly to measure the inseam of your W28 L30 model and tell me how long is it in CM or INCHES. Im also worried about that, because I have a Shioner in size L30 and my Thavar is in size L32, both are about the same length when I measure them, but they are different sizes. So Im also interested in that.


And if there is anyone out there who is reading this thread and particularly this post, and you have the Belther 828T in size L32, please measure the inseam of you jeans and send me the measurements here. I would be really thankful! Thank you :)

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Originally Posted by straychev View Post
you have the Belther 828T in size L32, please measure the inseam of you jeans and send me the measurements here. I would be really thankful! Thank you :)

Diesel Online store JAPAN has measurements for all the jeans. This one is for Belther 828T, dont know how accurate the info is though


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Jyri, thanks a lot! GOD BLESS YOU!!!
Although, i feel like its a bit inaccurate :D Look at the waist measurements, they look a bit odd and too big IMO. Im not so sure if they are accurate. I will keep them in mind, but i still want someone who owns the jeans to give me exact measurements of either L30 or L32

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