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diesel made in the USA??

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I am new to the forum, and would like to ask if you have ever seen Diesel jeans made in the US??, I bough a pair, Larkee 0RUS7, something like that and say made in the USA, I have seen made in Italy, Tunisia, Romania and Morocco, but never US, might they be Fake?



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The only US jeans I've ever seen is a special edition from black gold a couple of years ago. I've never heard of any other diesel made in the US. I could be wrong.
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I saw them on ebay, can you take a look at them?


this is the link




Seller says they got them from eithe a TJ MAXX, Marshall's or Nordstrom Rack



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I'm not sure if they are fake or not so maybe others could tell their opinion.

Like Phukette said they are few Diesel Black Gold which are made in USA and also in Japan but I've never seen a regular Diesel Jeans made in USA.

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It's real I think.

I have seen some weird shit at official diesel outlet stores. With that I mean combination of washes and cuts that I never seen before; normal jeans tags on jogg jeans, tags stitched on different spots, etc.

So this shouldn't be thát weird. The jeans, tags and everything looks real.
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Yeah everything looks legit to me too. It's a new one for me though.
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Thanks everybody for the quick responses, appreciate it, I was weirded out about the made in the USA tag, but did think they seemed real, because of the tags and stitching, I will try to bid on them to see how the feel and how the wash looks, even though they look like a straight to discount model, the fit must be the same


Thanks again!

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