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Blue Eyecons - what does it mean exactly?

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Hey guys! I've been here for a while, I would not classify myself as a newbie, but I'm still a beginner in my passion in Diesel.

My question is what exactly is the Blue Eyecons collection? I know it is more expensive, has the blue label inside(instead of the white one) but what exactly does all that mean? More limited numbers of the jeans? Or what..


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The Blue Eyecon label simply means that the wash of the jeans will go through a process of greater length in order to create. Each pair are hand made - althouh many of Diesels normal washes are hand made and individual to each pair anyway.

Prices tend to be £180 upwards and they all come with the usual features that we are aware of; the blue tag on inside of waist, blue rivet on coin pocket, blue leather patch om back waist and the blue text on the price tag.

Personally I think it is a gimic that Diesel uses to suck people in, but I have never known production numbers to be limited or know any pairs that are difficult to get hold of (in season anyway). I have certainly never let my decision about buying a pair or not be based around whether it is a Blue Eyecon or not.
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i would just say overall this line is gonna have the post details and overall tlc put into each wash. when d.n.a. first started they had about equally as much details put into each pair of jeans but i noticed that kinda stopped after a couple of years. it is a little bit of a gimmick and you'll notice the level of quality is dif from wash to wash, but all of my fav diesel jeans are blue eyecons.

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If I can get a good deal on some 809V blue eyecons then I'll compare them to my "regular" edition jeans.
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I want to ask all of the Tepphar lovers a question.
Are there any Blue-Eyecon Tepphars? 
I am kind of impressed by some people's photos wearing a Tepphar here on the forum and I started checking more and more Tepphars lately. SO I was wondering if there are any Blue-Eyecons?

And also, I am looking for an opinion about best washes of Tepphar, some that are worth to be checked :)

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Tepphar didn't get any Blue Eyecon washes yet.


My personal compilation of favourite Tepphar washes:


  • 8PK
  • 8Y0
  • 73T
  • 880R
  • 881W
  • 68Z
  • 886A
  • 887V
  • 804K
  • 806Q
  • 807D
  • 602S
  • 820Q
  • 822I
  • 823D
  • 827Y

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Thank you for your response, the Tepphar wash list really helped me :)
 I like most of the washes you like as well :)

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Daaan - nice list... I'd like to also add 880R and maybe 807D if you're looking for pair of grey's.

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I agree with you about those two washes. I'm going to add them to my list.

880R is one of the comfiest washes I own; not too thin, but very soft & stretchy.

As for 807D, I think it's the best grey wash Tepphar was ever released in.

Also the only one that's MII, if i recall correctly. Except for NE-8QJ, which was a Jogg. :D


Please note that this isn't the list of washes i own but the list of washes I like the most, of which I happen to own a few. ;)

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