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Thavar 886b. Size up??

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Hi, I wear size 32/32 for my shioner 801a and thavar 8x2 and my question is if I should size up for thavar 886b? 886b stretch a lot in the waist and I try size 31 but it was tight in the thigs,,,

Thanks for your advice.
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Size down, 886b stretches.
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Or at least stay with your normal size, DO NOT size up.
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Originally Posted by Dieselicious View Post

DO NOT size up.


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Anywhere to find this in 31x30? Been looking long time no luck

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Jpr_clothing on eBay, sells 30x30 or 31x32
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Made a mistake...I wanna know if I should size DOWN....not size up....people who own these pair, did you keep your normal size or you size down.
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Got my normal size, waist stretched, still wearable. But should of size down 1
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I would say stay with your usual size. In my opinion thavar 886b have a little more room
in W (I got them in 33w) then my other Thavars but not much. They are pretty tight in legs but
those jeans are very comfy!
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Sizing down in a Thavar might be a bit uncomfortable :)

I would say just stick to your regular Thavar/Tephhar size, as Thavar is usually pretty uncomfortable(to me) in the the thighs and takes a bit of time to break in, as Thavars are usually mostly stiff denims :)

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same here. i can comfortable wear size w31 in tepphar but in thavar it's better size w32...

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It depends to the wash. Not all Thavar are the same. I think 886b runs a little bit bigger
in waist that other Thavars I have but about the same in thighs. I would say do not size up in 886b.
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