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style # versus wash #

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Hi All, I am looking to buy another pair of my absolute favorite 7FAM jeans. The ones I have I purchased way back in 2005 at Nordtsrom. I contacted 7 and this style has been discontinued. Their customer service rep was very helpful to a point, and then she stopped responding to my emails. I think she thought I was asking too many questions.  :(


All I want to know is what part of the style # tells me the wash (color) or is it even part of the style number? I have no idea what the "name" of this style was when I purchased them so it is making my hunt for a pair on ebay or consignment stores much more difficult. (Not too mention wading through all of the fakes.) The jeans I have are style # U075080U-080U.



I would really appreciate any help or advice! Thanks




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Hi Angela!

I'm sorry to hear about your lack of customer service through seven. I personally am a manager at seven for all mankind in New York and am always here to help! Basically it is very hard to find jeans by style numbers that no longer exist. As I am a stylist as we'll therefore I can help you out a bit with fit and washes!

So visualizing the picture the color is no longer made by seven as styles and dies change annually. The "modern day" equivalent to this would be called NNYD of Nouveau New York Dark. They are just a standard boot cut which would make them an NOS piece meaning "never out of stock" at any seven location. The jean won't be identical but the fit and color would be most comparable.

If you were to search on the seven website you would search NNYD BOOTCUT.

I hope this helps! I don't know if you live in the New York area, but I work in The Westchester mall and am always available to help! If you have any further questions feel free to email me personally at miller.rosemary@ymail.com. I am always here to help!

Thanks for being a loyal seven customer and I hope this information helps you get into the perfect pair of new Sevens!
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Thank you so much for your response @Jeanqueen729. I have a few more questions. I will email you!

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