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Tepphar sizing

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Asking for size advice: I'd love to order a pair of Diesel Tepphar, I'm not sure about sizing however. The issued part is the lower leg area^^


For comparison:

Safado (straight leg) fits perfect with W31 stretch and W32 w/o stretch

Belther (skinny cut) fits just perfect with W32 stretch but it's very tight on the lower leg


With Tepphar being a carrot cut, which size would fit me - W33 stretch or W32 stretch? (I don't know if Belther and Tepphar are the same on lower leg fits, otherwise the answere would be clear)


Thx in advance^^

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I'd recommend going with W32 or even W31, to be honest. Just make sure you don't size up even further.


Tepphar has a slightly higher waist than Safado, by sizing up it would turn out quite baggy in the waist and rear area.

Of course you can counteract the tightness on Tepphar's lower leg by sizing up, but then again that's the way the cut is supposed to fit. Tepphar has an even smaller leg opening than Belther, so you'll may not find it appealing at all in terms of its tightness at the lower legs.

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Agree with above. Tepphar's can be quite loose in the upper area, so if your unlikely to fill them out here, I wouldn't size up with hope to the larger leg opening as it'll likely throw off the overall fit.

I've just measured a pair up for you, their coming in around the 13" mark on a W32. Hope this helps!



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Thanks alot both of u!


I guess I better skip Tepphar then as they definitely won't fit too well.

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Do not forget that tepphars stretch since they are a blend of cotton and elathan. That makes them very comfy. I have definitively stopped to buy only cotton made jeans.
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