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YOOX disappointment

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So, I ordered these Thavar 8QU off Yoox in "Grey" here is the picture from the site:





Instead I got these ones below...more of a charcoal. I like them, but still it's like WTF it's not even close to the picture.


Has anyone had issues with YOOX like this and if so how was the problem resolved?


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You can return them free with ups pick up. Contact them with the return form. It works perfectly.
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You can return or exchange any item within 20 days . No hassle just fill out the return form but whatever you do don't take Moneyoox (store credit )

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Thanks. I think I'll hang on to them. I do like them just wanted the light grey which are impossible to find :/
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I think you received different / wrong color.

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just let them know about it

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contact them on the issue

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First they offered me to return the item, since I like the jeans but felt misled i asked for a partial refund, which they actually did! Great customer service on YOOX they definitely took care of me. Thanks for the advice everyone!
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I think Yoox now has thavar 802k in light grey.. you can check that out.

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Actually e.denim on eBay is gonna pick me up a pair of the 8QU in the color I wanted so now I'll have both icon_smile.gif
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do you know him?? he's got a pair I was eyeing but price is just still a bit too high.

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No but I've purchased from him in the past and he gives me a generous denimblog member discount thru PP
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maybe you ought to help talk to him for me then :) 

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Haha shoot him a PM on eBay and see if he'll take care of you..tell him you're on denimblog see what he says. I'm sure he makes more margin on some pairs more than others so I can't say how much discount he would give you, but it would be around 5-10% since that's what sellers fees are on eBay
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