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Vikers - the best cut by Diesel

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Hoping someone from Diesel monitors the social web to get a better sense of what their fans actually want. If so, then I'm hoping they hear us loud and clear -- MORE VIKERS PLEASE... these are Diesels only regular straight fit jean... they fit most body types perfectly and look great dressed up or down. Hopefully others in this community jump in... hoping we can influence Diesel to continue producing Viker jeans... based on what I've heard (from sales associates) and seen (on their 2014 preview site), it looks like they are discontinuing this line - a major mistake.

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viker is diesel's best cut IMO. timeless. a standard straight leg jean will always be in style unlike bootcut, skinny etc.

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I do prefer Viker to Larkee if I am honest. They fit better. The leg is slimmer than Larkee which is too wide for me. I hope that they reverse their decision too. I doubt they will though!
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Discontinuing Viker is a bad, bad decision! They have nothing to replace a good form-fitting cut with. Larkee, Waykee are horrible interpretations of the Straight cut Jeans!

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if anything should be discontinued it's larkee. it at least has a successor!

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Guuess I'll be buying from someone else since nothing else they make will fit me without looking ridiculous
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Safado is good as viker

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^^ I can't say I agree with that . For me the safado is just to much of a squeeze to fit in. Wish is could though, like a lot of the washes
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yes they are not comparable. i cant fit into safado as they are too tight. they're a slim straight leg. not a classic straight leg.

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Agreed -- Vikers and Safados are nothing alike... Safados are much slimmer and the leg opening is at least an inch narrower... Vikers are/were the only classic straight leg jean that Diesel makes/made and if Diesel discontinues them then me, most people that I know and - i hope - many on this site will find a new brand... the company seems to totally disregard what its fans actually want and like and seems intent on producing jeans that are not appropriate for everyday wear in an office and to a bar/club (unless youre in a boy band). 

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Whoa blatant diss on boybands^ how dare you? haha :)


I can relate to when diesel kills your favorite cut, it sucks. RIP Thanaz.

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Have you tried relaying your feelings directly to diesel? Maybe contact renzo directly on Facebook? I can safely say that diesel has never contacted us directly in connection with anything on this blog. As a massive multinational company they view social media as a marketing tool. They have armies of designers to help with jeans and cuts. But I do agree with you on the wash front, some of them are maaaaadddd!
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They have a Facebook page ?
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yes. i contacted them on there already. fingers crossed they give me a legit response! 

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Diesel should probably consider hiring someone who knows their cuts to monitor their FB page. 

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That would make sense though.
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