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actual measurements

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hi, I wanted to know if someone happened to have a diesel jeans that do not comply with measures on the label, for example I have a thanaz 8sv 29x34 that length should be about 114 cm and instead measures only 100 cm (the rim and the original without change), then I have a 27x32 thanaz 8ww that virtually flat waist measures 40 centimeters (I'm a perfect fit and jeans w30) and normal?

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Diesel are not the best for consistency with sizing. It depends on the wash, some of the very heavily treated jeans can run quite big. Other factors including composition (cotton blends with elastine, polyester, lyocell, etc) will also effect the way the jeans run. This happens in a lot of brands. Nudie are the same. It's just that diesel have far more treatments than any other brand that I know of.
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