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Bit of a strange one

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This may be nothing, but I saw some Thavar 811p for auction on eBay and put a bid in (I'm currently the highest bidder). Looked at sellers other items and nothing took my fancy. Left it a few days and went back to check to see if they have put anything else on for sale, and I notice they only have 2 items for sale!? While this may not sound strange, the auction for Thavar 811p is still going and I can't find it on eBay anywhere. It's still in my buying list, but has disappeared from eBay entirely, even when I do a completely separate search.


Here's a picture of the listing. Can anyone else find it or know of this seller. Do I smell a rat or am I just being paranoid



It's OK, I've been Outbid now anyway

Forget I said anything icon_smile.gif
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I think seller just closed auction.

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It's the link:



Maybe you cant find it because he wrote two words together "Brand Newdiesel...."

Just write thavar 811p on the search line, and you will see it.

If its your size - its your chance!

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This item appears only on ebay.com. I could not find it through Ebay UK

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