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Safado sizing issue

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Hi, I'm new here. Registered after buying myself a pair of Diesel Jeans last month after 5-6 years of not owning a single pair. I wore mostly Replay jeans meanwhile. I don't know, I wore some Diesel jeans as a teenager, but somehow I failed to find a cut that would suit me the way I wanted. Anyways, I was at this big outlet store and saw some Diesel jeans and tried some out. Ended up buying Krooley 880w. The price was ridiculously low (60-70€) and I wanted to give Diesel another shot. I really liked those since I'm a tall (192cm) guy (kinda slim, at 82kg) and because I've got long legs the thavar/thanaz/shioner or basically any other skinny cut looks hideous on me. This slim-carrot Krooley cut works pretty decent for my taste.


Then I discovered Safado, it really has some amazing washes too. Unfortunately, that outlet store didn't have any Safados in my size, and the washes were pretty bland. Since there is no Diesel store in my town, I have to order some online. I really liked the 804k wash. Looks really nice. But the thing is, I haven't got a clue which size to get. I read somewhere here that Krooley in 880w ran bigger so I got W31L34, even though I could've maybe gotten a W32, but these W31 are not tight at all and I figure that they'll stretch a bit. So, my question is should I order this particular Safado in W31 or W32? Any help'll be really appreciated


Thanks and sorry for such a long post


Oh, and any suggestions as to wich other cut should I look into are more than welcomed.


And finally, sorry for my English, I'm obviously not a native speaker. :)

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Hi there, Welcome to the blog. With 804K i suggest 1 size down. So maybe size 30 but if you worried exactly what to get, Order 30 and 31 and see which one will fit better and return the other size. Make sure they do have free return service as well before you order from any online websites. Safado's are one of my favourite as well next to Shioner. I got few pairs of safado's my self. I do like Thanaz/Thavar/Shioner. They all fit good on me as well i am 185cms tall. There is lot of safado's which are great 806X, 8J1, 801D, 817H. In the new season 823I is not bad as well if you want from the current collection. Hope this helps. 

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I would go with size 31.

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Thanks for the recommendations, I ordered like 5 pairs of jeans of all sorts of cuts, but really should've gone with W31 on all of them. Hope I'll post some fitting pics soon.

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