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Thavar 8X2 or Thavar 811P

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Hey, need your help for these wash...i can't afford both...not sure about 8x2, maybe too dirty for me.

Anyway, need your advice.



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Love 811P, great summer wash. 8X2 is nice but overrated.
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8x2 is too dirty, my vote for 811p

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811P is too much of a fake blue for me

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8x2. yes they are dirty but quality much better. denim is nice thick and sturdy.

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811p will prob be forgotten about in 2-3 years while 8x2 is a classic and will be remembered like 772 is.

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My advice would be to pick the pair you personally like the best. There is always a lot of talk about washes which will always be remembered or described as 'classic' but what does that really mean? Unless your a member of this forum, its just another pair of jeans to everyone else. Both are beautiful in their own way.
Hope people dont take my response the wrong way. 😀
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to me classic means it'll hold up longer and is not too trendy only lasting a few years before looking ridiculous or having aged poorly. 

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but yes i agree. ultimately it's your decision. ive never understood people asking others what to get. get whatever one grabs you the most and you feel you'd get the most enjoyment out of.

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Fair point @freeradical82. Yep that is the best way to look at it, the two are completely different washes so get whatever you like the most.
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Remember: 811p looks brilliant AND you can wear them at the office and your grandmas birthday… but never with a 8x2. 

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