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K Crono Advice

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Hi guys,


I ordered K Crono sweater from Diesel online. Which size I should keep? I´m a little bit comfused between size small or medium. My advice is small. Your opinions?


Size M - long sleevse, but the lenght is all right


Size S - perfect sleevse, but the lenght is shorter


Thank you in advance for your positive feedback.

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I have it in a medium and the sleeves are a little long but I like it. I think it looks better when it's a little less fitted. Anyway I'd be more bothered about the length than the sleeves.
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I'd probably keep the M size.The sleeves aren't that long and it fits better imo.

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I´m tall 1.72 cm. M is propably better fitting, but what I´m worrying, that the sleeves are rolled at the button (looks like pockets), which doesn´t look well. On the other side the lenght in M is naturaly compared to size S :-(.


Phukette and iPaul you will prefer more size M, it look much better on me??? I can´t self decided.


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I prefer the medium mate.
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Thank you very much Phukette.

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Yes,I would personally keep the M size.

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Size M and fold the sleeves ;-)

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Thank´s iPaul and zdenal aswell.

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I have that jumper in Medium but the blue and white version. Stick with the medium I would say!

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Lavislad I will definitively keep size M, thank you for advice.

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