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Diesel Fit Guide

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Hi all. I'm new here, and I decided to join to find out if there is a good current guide to the fitting of Diesel jeans online. If not then it would be good to get one in one place especially for DenimBlog. it's hard to find good jeans where I live in Australia — especially Diesel.


Personally for me I'd love to get some Diesel jeans at last, I'm currently making do with Levi's. I've got pretty thick/muscular upper legs so it's hard to get jeans that fit well. Currently in Levi's my best fit would be a 501/504, which is as skinny as I can get. Really looking for something that'll fit, but won't be baggy. Normally i like regular fit and tapered leg. I'd really appreciate the help. 

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Maybe darron would be a good place to start. Regular fit on the thighs and tapers to approx 18cm hem. Iakop also, but it lacks the detailing of Darron.
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Phukette: what pair of diesel jeans are the most tapered around the ankles? Skinny fit of course. Would it be the Shioner?

Not trying to hyjack the thread icon_smile.gif thanks
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@Lon1: Sleenker are the most tapered around the ankles.
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Sleenker and tepphar would be the slimmest jeans diesel offer. They wouldn't be ankle huggers per se but very slim all the same.
As for shioner, they'd be more slim than skinny with a straight leg profile.
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Thanks guys. I'm going with the Iakop.

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