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Diesel Thavar 807V

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I have been keeping an eye on these in the Diesel Online store until I got some money together with my Christmas money etc. I had a look yesterday and they were still there in my size. I got an email over night saying "last product available" so I went on to buy before they sold out and my size has gone. They must have had a buying frenzy.


Just been looking elsewhere online and the only ones I can find are from sojeans which I am told from reviews are not as reliable as I would trust. New York Speed doesn't have my size either.


Does anyone else know where I can get them in W29 L32 please?

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The only one on eBay
130 GBP shipped.
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How long til the coating wears off? I just got a pair and curious how long they will stay shiny
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On mine, the tag on the inside of the zip fly says that if you lose the sheen due to machine washing, you can iron the jeans on a medium-high setting. It should get shiny again. Hope this helps.

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