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Raw cuts like diesel

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 I always flip flop between raw denim and diesels. The problem with raw is that they don't offer the same versatility in cuts like diesel does, specifically the thanaz/thavar or the darron. Anyone know of any raw brands with similar cuts? Most the dry denim I see have pretty big leg openings, APC is probably the most similar I've found so far. I saw some thavar turbos online but I had turbos in tephhar and was not impressed. Any ideas?

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you can try nudie or naked and famous
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Natural selection has great variety especially with less leg opening.
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Oh thanks I will check out natural selection. Might go for naked and famous but nudie are a no go for me. Had them and wasn't into it. Leaning more towards 100% cotton
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i've always wondered why diesel dont release more raws. it seems like a no brainer especially w/ how raw is so hot right now.

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