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thavar 886B

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I just received thavar 886B Distressed jeans. They have small holes on the right and left thigh. I'm wondering how stable are those little holes. Will they get bigger with time? Maybe I should take them to my local taylor to patch them a little bit. Distressed part would look the same but the taylor would make it more solid. What do you guys think?

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I've had 886B and I wear them quite often and those holes have never budged. They haven't ripped or gotten bigger.
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I love that wash but Im not crazy about that distressed part. Maybe I just have
to get used to them.
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Try thanaz 8QP. Like 886B except no rips or streaks.
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8QP looks very similar in photos but to be honest I hate thanaz back pockets, They look very feminine.

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So I decided to go to a taylor and fix those holes a little bit.
They seems too fragile and it seems they could rip more if not careful.
It will coast me $19USD. I will have them back on Saturday so I will take some pics.
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please do. curious to see how they look.

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Your taylor is not rich icon_smile.gif
Here in Paris any repair starts at 30€...
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Pryv, well its not the suit just 2 small holes. It's a Chinese place but they do nice job.
They are charging me $9.5 for each hole.
I remember I did something like that to my old zathan, by different Chinese guy,
I forgot the wash code but I was very happy with the fix.
The distressed part was still there but it looked more polish and solid.
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I was joking actually.
Life in paris expensive but i am proud to live this city with a beautiful view on the Arc de Triomphe through the windows:)
By the way i have this wash, really nice. And u are right about the holes !
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I agree, Paris is almost too beautiful! Me and the wife have been there 3 times in 3 years and I love it even more every time. 2nd only to NYC in terms of my favourite cities in the world. Although the two couldn't be more different.
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I live around 30 min. from NYC, on the boarder NY and CT.
I read online there is a place in NYC that can completely erase holes
in the jeans. They charge $4 per inch. That's quite inexpensive
especially for Upper Manhattan based business
but at the same time they have to compete for
every customer with other small businesses.
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BTW. I don't think NYC is beautiful at all.
Miami is my absolute favorite.
One day I would like to go to Paris, my sister was there
a few times and she liked it. Other city on my list is
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NYC isn't an obvious beauty. It's more of a vibe. It's totally different to where I'm from and that's why I like it. And I love the shopping. icon_wink.gif
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Do you live in London?
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No, I live in Ireland. A world away from London or NYC. I should visit London more. Every time I'm there it's for work so I have a kind of skewed view of the place.
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I just got them back,



I think they did an ok job. They did nicer stitching job from my
Zathan jeans long time ago, however, they ( thavar 886B ) seem more solid now.
What do you guys think?
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Pretty cool. Nice!
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Looks good!

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Hi I've had the same problem with some distressed jeans. What I do is cut up patches of old denim, and wonder web them on the inside of the jeans. Works great, sometimes you have to re-wonder web after washing but other than that great.
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Originally Posted by iPaul View Post

Looks good!


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