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decent style advice

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its been a while since i came here. I've been quiet away of the fashion stuff due to working in a irrelevant job for that so far so long.

My question is I am going to buy some coat/jacke, jeans, shoes etc.. ( full new years eve costume if it can be said =)). I really do appreciate you help in davnce.... what would you suggest for a guy 185 cm 96 kg quiet chubby on upper torso with flemingo legs at the bottom.... This being said, I must say that I cant even recall the cut names  in diesel... so whats trendy for now??? I sure will buy shirt cardigan belt shoe etc alsoo as I have told i will buy one whole süit for one night =))


thanks again




p.s. I hve almost no time to check all the site fashion houses yoox revolve clothing etc or the waywt tread henceforth if you can send me some pics of the styles or at least links it wouldbe fantastically helpfull

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It depends what's your style and what clothes you would feel good.
It's all about feeling good about yourself men.
Do you want to be more dressy or casual? You could go with
Diesel Thavar cut, for new year I would go for darker wash.
You could pair it with white button down slimfit shirt and dark navy blue
blazer or you could even get black v neck sweater, black boots.
You don't want to overdo it, some people try too hard.

This new year eve I'm wearing gray Thavar 886B jeans, just ordered them online
for $300 and I probably overpaid (I needed 33x32, I'm 6'1, 186lb) but I couldn't
find my size. White buttondown shirt, slim bowtie, black slimcut leather jacket that fits me like a glove
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I've just taken a look to the thvar, despite the fact that I adored the wash, I would say my belly would look like a terazza on the edge of a cliff under a summersun... I guess I should go for something more relevant to vox populi? any other suggestion? maybe black gold?

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some patterns I2d like to present to you in which I would go for a day long party =))






examples from the sartorialist

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Maybe diesel isn't the way to go. By the look of your pics maybe try ted baker? Lovely jackets, great jeans and excellent shirts.
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unfortunately they dont have a shop around, but incase of I cant get out of my boundries I will surely depend on





for new years eve I do want to get a crazy painter(Salvador dali =)) look just because i will take an international trip to a country in which there is nobody can know or judge me =)). I think i might need a breath taking heart stopping change on my outfit to wake up myself from a routine dream...


being said that here are some alternative pants options for the jacket I have chosen :






I must admit I do love TED Baker, for a radical push I need some hand =))

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How's about this for a classy look:
Shioner 604B
ALDO shoes: http://www.aldoshoes.it/it/uomo/scarpe/mishra-42507.html
Black cashmere jumper
Or that jacket you picked from diesel: http://store.diesel.com/tr/jackets_cod41362206pu.html
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I just want to take advantage from this thread and ask for an advice.

As I have the Thavar 816K but it is very hard to match these dirty jeans with holes in them with about anything. Can you please suggest any kind of t-shirt(a color more specifically) that might match them.

I was thinking about this t-shirt, but Im not very sure if they will go along very well together, what do you guys think?


CK One t-shirt: http://totallyerectedstore.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/f/w/fw12-ckjapm-cmp86r-jy64o-0e6.jpg

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color is ok but that logo is... ehm, no go for me.

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Originally Posted by zdenal_cz View Post

color is ok but that logo is... ehm, no go for me.
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If you have a few extra lb, do not go with Shioner 604B or any other Shioner.
They are tighter than Thavars. You could try Safado cut.
Good luck and let us know what you decided.
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I think I have found my mmost probable candidates :


2nd one is:


and the 3rd


I will buy them on 31st's evening if i can find them =)))

for which one should I go ? opinions?

the first is absolutely what I look for - radical one time style change for me.

2nd : the style that I am used to except the enthutiastic color combination

and the is my classical definetely go-for-it option, of which I do always enjoy (except the bow tie)
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Also which coat/parka should I choose to wear on the options above, sine the place I will go will be aroun -15celcius/5fahrenheit


Its my habit for a long time that incase i go to shop from one store I am quite inclide to do the whole shop in that one store: so which tommy coat should I go for?

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My fav. is 1st look. Then 3rd.
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