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Is Diesel Discontinuing the Viker?

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Does anyone know if Diesel is discontinuing the Viker?


Also, why isn't Diesel making more dark washes? Is Diesel trying to turn men over the age of 25 away from the brand/buying their jeans? I feel like you need to be in a boy band to like their stuff these days -- light washes, tons of tears, lots of embellishments, etc.

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I agree with you about the washes being to extreme these days. And I figured viker is being discontinued until I saw the 813W in viker from last season. So maybe they're just a not making that many more and concentrating on waykee and larkee.
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i hope not. if they do they need to at least come out w/ a successor 

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I doubt they will. They'll prob just concentrate on larkee and/or waykee. The differences are negligible between the cuts. It's the same story with thanaz. Probably discontinued coz of Thavar, shioner and now sleenker. Probably isn't worth the cost manufacturing so many similar cuts.
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Do you really think the differences between Vikers and Larkees and Waykees are negligible?

Larkess look very strange when you tuck in a shirt (the pockets are big and are lower) and Waykees are tapered. Vikers are a true straight leg jean.


Not that Diesel cares, but if Vikers are taking a back seat to other quasi straight leg cuts then I will definitely be on the hunt for a new brand of jeans.   

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It's just my opinion mate. I wore vikers and larkee for quite a while and the difference wasn't much. I guess diesel are just thinking that if people can wear viker they can wear larkee just as easily. They're not 100% wrong. And like you said, they probably don't care. Changes are expected when there is change at the top I guess. And I assume this Nicola Formichetti guy will want to put his own stamp on the brand. So we may all be joining you in looking for a new jeans brand! I wonder what will happen to this blog if that happens!
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honestly, and i dont know if it's just denim fatigue or the diesel line, but the last year or two ive found myself less and less interested in diesels jeans. if they get rid of viker it will just add to my disinterest.

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I'm heading the same way freerad, I was putting it down to old age but, to me, diesel seems to be heading towards the Ed Hardy market. Some pairs are nice but not as many as there used to be.
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I can understand your concerns regarding Diesel's recent development, especially with the latest innovations that have generated mixed emotions among the users of this forum. However, in my opinion the type of clothing that you refer to as 'Ed Hardy'-style has been around for quite a while and even though it's not easy for me to admit, it has always been a significant part of Diesel.
Then again, there is such a great diversity of clothes and looks from Diesel that it didn't matter... in fact, it still doesn't. That's what makes Diesel such a special brand to me... even though it has such a great recognition value, you can never generalise its style, there is no 'prototypical' Diesel look as such. Dressing up in Diesel can generate so many different styles that even people with totally different preferences will find something that corresponds with their individual style – the essence of Diesel will always be there.
I'm positive that Diesel will always remain interesting and appealing to most of us, we just have to be willing to engage with the future of the brand and the several innovations that are yet to come.

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I couldn't have said it any better --- the fact of the matter is: If you don't like Larkees then Diesel doesn't have a straight leg jean in an array of dark washes for you (they have a ton of tapered jeans and a lot of boy band stuff). As I've said before, if Diesel only wants the under age 25 market then thats fine - but very soon they will find themselves irrelevant to men age 26+ who wear jeans in the office and out of the office and always want to look sharp. De-emphasizing Vikers will only hasten Diesel's irrelevance to adults with $.  

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most 25 year olds cant afford diesel jeans. i know i sure couldnt when i was 25.

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I have noticed a decline in Viker washes but they aren't pumping out Larkee's as much as Safado's either. Probably due to the slimmer jeans being trendier now.
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I can answer my own question --- Diesel is phasing out/has phased out Vikers... No new Viker washes will be released in Spring/Summer 2014 (according to the preview link on the website)... Time for me (and most people I know) to find a new brand of jeans. 


AG? Hudson? Any advice on good jean brands that have a classic straight leg style and washes. 

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Is it that much of a deal breaker? Larkee or waykee no good? Is there that much of a difference? I thought the differences between them is as negligible as Thavar/thanaz/shioner.
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i wouldnt really call them interchangeable.  my question is where is this link though that makes you come to this conclusion?

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Here's preview the link that confirms the release of no more Vikers:




Vikers are very different than Larkees and Waykees in terms of fit. Larkees are a more relaxed fitting straight leg jean w/bigger back pockets that sit lower. Waykees have a tapered leg. 

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im still not convinced. guess i'll believe it once i stop seeing vikers on diesels site for sale

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I wore larkee and viker for years and there is as much difference between them as there is between shioner and thavar. Fuck all difference for the most part but subtle difference in terms of detailing and pocket placement. If were to see the same guy wearing a viker and larkee in the same size and wash I wouldn't be able to tell the difference from the front. Like I said, same goes for thavar and shioner.
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Agree to disagree... I love the way vikers fit. i don't like the way larkees fit. Larkees are too loose in legs (esp thigh area) and - as even you would agree - their back pockets are slightly lower, making the jeans akward to wear with a shirt tucked in. Vikers are/were the only true straight leg jean made by Diesel.  

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Only two Bikers washes are being sold now... the end is near. 

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What are your guys feelings on Safado?  I find that these are Diesel's best fitting straight leg jean.  Especially if you are looking for something slim in the leg.  I am currently trying to go with something a bit smaller for a leg opening but need suggestions.  Belther, darron?

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safado is only appropriate if you have a slim build, hence it falling in the slim straight catagory. i've been wearing diesel for years and dont have a single pair of safado. i cant really wear them. for them to fit in the waist they totally squish in my booty and it just looks really really bad.

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I do feel difference between viker and larkees. It really depends on your body build, IMO. I feel vikers look more slimmer and stack better then larkee which has roomier feel and doesn't stack well when you buy longer length
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i just saw this on diesel's website saying these are ss2014 so maybe there is still hope...




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those are an older Viker model that is still available in stores albeit in limited supply... right now Diesel.com only has the 885k and 88z models in stock and as soon as those sell out Viker fans will be forced to either adjust to the tapered Waykees or the very loose Larkees (which look like theyre being phased out too)... or do what Im doing and find another company that makes a true straight leg jean (AG, Joe's, etc.). As Ive said numerous times before, Im not a big fan of what Diesel is doing these days -- no more traditional straight legs, more light washes, lots of ed hardy like embellishments, etc... its all very cheesy/over the top and - frankly - unable to be worn by anyone who wants to be taken seriously. Simply put, Diesel is not longer a brand suitable for people over the age of 25. 

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