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How to tell fake billionaire couture jeans

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The Billionaire Couture Jean selling by dieselofmiami is fake. Everybody should be careful if you buy his jeans




I myself ordered this jean from DieselfMiami on Ebay on Feb 28, 2014 and read your thread. I sent  the images of his jean to Billionaire Couture Jean support team web site and they confirmed that his jean is fake - " Not Original"


I have proof for his fake jean. I myself canceled the transactions and will give negative feedback on Ebay soon


Anyway, thank you for starting this thread which helps me from buying this fake jean


Everybody should be careful buying from DieselOfMiami on Ebay

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Billionaire Couture Jeans from dieselofmiami are authentic. They are just older stock, from a few years ago.


Companies have to liquidate their older season goods to turnover stock and free some cash.


I have purchased from dieselofmiami since 2004 and he only sells authentic merchandise. He is maybe one of the best sellers on ebay when it comes to designer denim.


The fact that these jeans are made in Turkey does not surprise me at all. Diesel jeans are Italian, but if you check the tags, most of them are made in Morocco and Tunisia. Labor costs in Italy are extremely high. Turkey makes good quality more affordable.

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Please read the text bellow from http://www.billionairecouture.com/en/philosophy/

They makes their Jean in Italian only. They cannot sell you a $600-700$ Jeans made In Turkey, this is against their philosophy. I myself sent DieselOfMiami Jean images to them and they confirmed to me that his Jean is fake "not original"

Billionaire Italian Couture represents an extreme brand of luxury sartorial man’s fashion, which at times goes intentionally overboard whilst still remaining refined. One which never loses sight of the real art of tailoring and enhances the personality of those wearing the brand.
Billionaire Italian Couture creations have a history; all are made strictly by hand in small Italian laboratories in limited numbers ; and feature obsessive research into fabrics, materials and details.
Billionaire Italian Couture has managed to combine made-to-measure and ready-to-wear, attaining a result of the very utmost quality. This is borne out by its shirts, which are stitched and feature pressed-flat seams according to the age-old tailoring technique, with four detachable ribs (plus four gold ribs supplied) under the linen collar; suits made to measure with a transversal Neapolitan cut with gold buttons, entirely linen-finished with hand-stitched oblique buttonholes; classic jackets that carry a hint of modern whilst overriding the requirements of new garments; ties with wide ends of equal length rather than arrow-shaped with insides in pure wool; shoes made entirely by hand and fixed with wooden nails and a serial number to guarantee their uniqueness; and belts of all types and rafting techniques in leathers and fabrics, enhanced with prints and silver or gold buckles, or personalised in velvet to recall the Billionaire shoe.
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Here is the second reason for his fake jean

He claims that the Jean is sold in store for $695, but I made an offer to Buy the Jean for $60 on ebay (Please view the image bellow) and he accepted my offer.



This is too good to be True You cannot buy designer jean for 1/10 of retail price


You can also find a lot of fake Billionaire Italian Couture Jean from this Chinese web site bellow. They are usually sold under $150


Bellow is the link to fake Chinese Billionaire Italian Couture Jean



Please do your research carefully before buying Jeans from DieselOfMiami


Ebay doesn't let me to leave negative feedback because he is a power seller, this is funny and strange

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I would not be worried about buying these jeans from dieselofmiami. He is one of the few legit sellers left on ebay these days.


I also went on the website of Billionaire Couture jeans. What they say sounds like a lot of "blah blah". You can put anything you want on paper (or I mean on the webpage).


I have seen their jeans and they don't have anything special to make them so expensive. They just created some dumb story around the brand to inflate the price.


Can they show pictures of the labs where they make their jeans?? I wish I could see them. Maybe the sewers are wearing white capes and gloves to assemble the jeans :-).


Don't get me wrong, but these are just marketing strategies to sell $150-$180 jeans for $700 plus. 

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To me, DieselOfMiami is selling fakes Billionaire Jeans, you can view all of the above facts. Everybody should make your research before buying jeans from DieselOfMiami

You can ask other forum members input for this case. You cannot buy an original diesel jean for a price under $40 which is 20% of retail price. Bellow 20% is a fake jean for sure

Billionaire Jeans never sells their Jean for a price bellow 15% of retail price, this will damage their brand and business
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By the way, I am sure that you cannot buy an original Billionaire Jean for a price bellow $200 anywhere.
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