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7 For All Mankind?

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Hey guys,


might be a silly question, but I ordered some jeans from Yoox.com the other day. But I am not quite sure if the are indeed 7 For All Mankinds as advertised.

Mainly because, well they don't say 7FAM on it :P But rather "A for All Mankind" Now I can't find much about that after a quick Google, so I don't think it's some form of sub-brand.


Anyway, here are some pics:



I always thought Yoox.com was a trustworthy site but this makes me wonder if something slipped through.

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Yeah, I've never seen 7s with a silhouette of jeans instead of a "7" Yoox tends to be sorta hit or miss in my experience. They mix up brands/styles and I think a few other people have had issues with not getting what they thought they were.  Try returning them?

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