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Thinking of grabbing a pair of belther, but not able to try them on.  Any advise or help on their fit would be great!  


I normally wear thavar 29x30



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I wear most of my thavars in 29x30 and have the belther 0815a and 0823u although in 29x30. They fit great and true to size. [IMG][IMG]
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I bought Belther 816J in 30x32 while my usual size is 31x30. My conclusion then was that 30x30 was definitely too short. I don't know if that would be the case with other Belthers though. 

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Got 2 Belthers, 816B and new 824E, both in 28x30.  They fit very much the same as my thavar 886b 28x30 and thavar 808z in 29x30.

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thanks for the advise/ pics.  

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I personally wear mostly w30 in Thavar(have 2 pairs & tried more than 10, all fit perfectly in w30)

and all the blethers I've tried fit me better in w30. Especially 823U. The one with the "3D" effect.

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Anyone know about the Belther 818V?  Does the blend offer any give, or do they stretch a bit?  I alternate between 28 and 29 in Zatiny and Thaver.  Currently wearing a Thaver 8NE in 28/30.  

They're currently on sale on Diesel's website, and I was thinking of picking up a pair in blue.  Love the washed look on them!

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I have Belther 818v in rust red.  I've worn it 3 times now and they give a little but do not stretch a lot like 8NE does.  so i recommend to go w/ your regular size for tight fit or size up 1 for slightly more comformatble fit.


I have Belther 824e and 816b, both in 28x30.  my rust red 818v I got 29x30 for a more comfortable fit.


Check your local stores.. department stores in Canada have them at 50% off, better than 35% on diesel store.

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Jealous.  None of our stores here in Minneapolis seem to carry anything slim by Diesel.  It's either Zathans or Larkees.  50% off would be great!

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And by comfortable fit, does it look like they do in the online store (http://shop.diesel.com/belther-0818v/00S4IN0818V.html?dwvar_00S4IN0818V_color=6_8DK#start=1), or looser?  One of the reasons I love Diesel jeans so much is that most jeans seem to run bigger in the thigh, but Diesel tends to have a tailored look for me.

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Here's my review of the Belther 824e in size 28



Here's my review of the Belther 816b in size 28.



Here's some photos of my Belther 818v in size 29.



This linen blend I find the thighs to be a bit tighter. thus I went w/ the 29s. hope this helps.  You can compare photos of all 3 pairs to make a better decision.

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thanks!  They look awesome...will go with the larger of the two I normally wear just to be safe!

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