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Teppahr 820Q and Shioner 604B fit pics and review.

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Quick review of my latest purchases from ASOS. Havent done one of these in a while so bear with me! First up the tepphar 820Q. Typical stretch denim as seems to be the norm in tepphar. Very soft and stretchy and the material recovers well. Fits on the slim side of normal. Simiar to what I've experienced with 880R and 8Y0 and my limited experience with tepphar. The colour is very light, bleached grey. Almost white but a smokey white. With abrasions (not done by some special family in Italy) Perfect for summer which is when I shall wear them again. Threw together this outfit to make em look marginally winter-y but I have mixed feelings with how the outfit looks. What I do know is that when worn with a vest, tee and/or espadrilles these will look awesome. Wouldn't pay full price for these but theyre pretty darn cool.



Just a note this pair don't have 3D. the crinkle at the calves and hem are done by me. I pull the jeans up to my knees while slightly damp and leave there till dry. I creates its own kinda stack but is more evenly distributed the results is above. I do this for all tepphars as I think it makes them stack better.




As for the second pair, Shioner 604B in stretch cotton. These are a lot nicer than I thought! Thicker denim than usual and slight stretch, more for comfort than anything else. Deep navy Raw denim with a black hue and grey stitching. Perfect pair of basic raw jeans for any outfit where the focus shouldn't be the jeans.




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great fit for Tepphar and thanks for the review

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Wow man,they fit great on you,and I mean it.Thanks for reviewing them,I'm probably going to get both.Hopefully,they'll fit on me as good as they fit on you :)

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Cheers gents!
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Love the Tepphar, Phukette. Great fit!

Are they grey or light blue?

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Can you please post the link for the shioners?I only seem to find the bootcut ones on Asos.Thanks in advance! 

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Thanks!Did you size down from your regular size in order to get a skinnier fit?

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I've dropped a size recently in thavar, shioner but tepphar I'm still a 32. So I'm a 32 in tepphar and 31 in thavar and shioner.
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Phukette the smaller sizes look great on you...the fit is perfect.

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Thanks levislad, you're a gent!
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i agree with the rest of the guys. fit is perfect in both pairs! im absolutely jealous about the tepphar 820Q.....i need to get it god damn it! as far as your sizing down is concerned...did you size down to get a better fit or because you lost some weight and were forced to sizing down??


i think i might be in almost the same situation....not knowing whether i should start getting one size smaller or not. but in the end, one size larger/smaller might not be such a big deal....its not a size a tailor couldnt fix i suppose! 

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I dropped some weight recently coz I had my wisdom teeth out and couldn't eat properly for a few days so after that most of my 32s in thavar/shioner feel a bit roomy so I decided to size down on some pairs and I'm happy with the fit. Still a 32 in tepphar though. I don't like em too skin tight.
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ah i see. yeah removing wisdom teeth sucks. had all 4 of them removed 10 years ago or so and still remember what you said about not being able to eat properly lol. how would you compare 604B to 880G? is it more or less the same but a bit darker?

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From what I remember of the 880G(never owned it jut saw it in stores) 604B is not as shiny and has no 3D. Aside from that the coloring is pretty much the same.
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Hmmm....i have the 880g so maybe theres no point in getting 604b as well
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