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How to fix b-stockets?

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first I was lucky, to make a hot deal, but now I changed my mind about my b-stocket purchase.

The Safado has an little hole, directly on used look on knee side.

Before purchase I thought i did not really notice it, but now anyway I regret that buy a little bit.

What can I do now? Is it possible to fix it at alteration tailor to the initial condiditon or only with a kind off white vintage stamp?


Thank You in advance!

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Diesel used to have iron-on patches on jeans with rip or holes (ie 71j, 73j), but not that much anymore. It's a great way to prevent the rip/holes gets bigger from wear especially over the knee. They are inexpensive, comes in different colors and easy DIY
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Where can I purchase these patches? 

For my look I would prefer a small camouflage patch, because the hole is directly on knee in stone-wash effect. Maybe a small white patch would also fit.

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Many online places have it, ie amazon. Also you can get at Anna's Lennon if you are in the states.
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hi again, here is the hole in bad picture quality. 

Maybe you think that's nothing, but in real view it's easy recognizable, also the hole can increase.

Up to white iron patches I don't find a decent solution (i've searched in german amazon and so on). Also I think a small white iron patch wouldn't fit. Is it sure, that scalled-down iron patches also works?

I'm grateful for any ideas.

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