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Which fits come up longest?

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Hey guys, new here!

I love my designer jeans but am 6'2 with a 36 inch inseam, yep I'm all leg!

Diesel naturally come up longer so wondered which fits you would say come up longest? It's a nightmare and not always possible but I like my jeans to not show any sock when sitting down!

Anyway, I've got a pair of Thanaz slim skinny 8880K which are nice and long, and a pair of Larkee relaxed 008W7 but these come up a lot when I sit down. And I much prefer slim and tapered fits these days. Also got a pair of Darron slim tapered 008QU which have shrunk massively in the wash!

So yeah, what would you recommend? The other jeans I buy are G-Star as they do a 36" leg icon_smile.gif
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dior homme

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I'm like you, same height (maybe a inch less... not sure about the conversion), long legs, hate short pants.


That's one of the reason why I like Diesel jeans.

Other Brands like Replay, sometimes are really short to me in size 34''.

But you will never have problems like that buying Thanaz, Thavar, Sleenker o Shioner in size 34, I can garantee.

I also have one Thanaz in lenght 32'', and even they stack a lot (74k), they fit just perfectly! 


Where there's no inseam selectable, like in Diesel Black Gold Jeans, Jogg Jeans or many Diesel pants, it depends on your waist.

I'm 30''... so very thin for my height. But I can wear DBG Excess with no problems. 

So I'd say that if you are more than 30'' on the waist, you can wear basically every Diesel pants.

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I have 33" legs. Its depends what wash is it, some washes runs longer and some shorter.

801a runs pretty long(labeled 32" but measured 33.5"). On the other side theres 888p which is measured 30.5(when labeled 32).

Its usually runs TTS,32" feels fine for me, but sometimes I feels like I need that extra inch, and sometimes 34" is harded to get.

Stick with 34" and you'll be fine.

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Thanks guys, gonna order a couple of pairs off ASOS I think and see how they fit!
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