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Dior Sizing Question

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I recently got a pair of MII Raws in 29. I normally wear 30 but was told to get 29 because they will stretch over time. They're definitely pretty tight right now, but if they do stretch a little, it'll be a perfect fit.


I'm looking to get a pair of Black Waxed next but was wondering how to go about sizing. Should I go for the 29 as well? Or do they not stretch as much as the raw and I should go for 30?


Edit: I should also mention both pairs are/will be 19cm.


Thanks for the help.

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^ Which black waxed?  Some are stiff like raws, some have stretch, some are 17.5, some are 19, some run small, etc....

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Honestly, I don't even know. I've just been looking around trying to find one for the best price.

I saw someone post these on sufu and they're exactly what I'm looking for. Do you know which these are?



I also saw these on LuisaViaRoma...Not too sure about the stretch but I like how they look:



So how should I go about sizing? What are some things to look for to determine what size I should get? What I usually do is measure the waist size of all my jeans, which is 15.5 inches, and just go by that.

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I'm not sure about the pair from Sufu. Can you post or PM me the link to the thread?

The ones on LVR are called Secular. It's hard for me to compare to your MII raws, since I have MIJ. I have Secular one size down from my raws. The raws were tight when I got them, but they have stretched a lot (I've had them 6 years I think).

I haven't worn my Seculars that much, but they have stretch and I can already feel them loosening up.

I'd say if your MII raws are really tight, go with the same size in Secular. Or, if you want a slimmer fit, you might even size down one. However, I can't say for sure since I've never tried on the MII raws, and it think they have a slightly different fit from MIJ.

If you buy them from LVR, it's easy to exchange for a different size. They pay all shipping and customs for one exchange or return.
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