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Personally, id feel enough satisfaction by having them arranged like that in my basement since very few people can understand our "addiction". No point in showcasing them just for others to make us feel like a weirdo haha. But at the moment, no basement -_- lol
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those jeans are awesome


i have butlers already in the 0088z wash, but i think i might add a pair of these to the collection as well


my only complaint with blethers is they run a little short in length, but not short enough for me to size up in length to a 32, i know I could go to a tailor but Im always against that, so I just went with my normal 30 thus creating very minimal stacking as opposed to small to medium amount like on my other diesels

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I hear you - I'm only 5'6, so this issue is actually an advantage for me =)

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are there holes in this wash?

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Nope - no holes; but there's distress as shown in the photos.

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I think Im going to pickup a pair. Do you know how much they will be when they hit stores?

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I think its going to be $348USD retail.


** Correction, this pair came out on Diesel online store today.  its $328 retail **

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thanks, the belther looks really sexy and the fitting pic looks great.

what's the special of belther comparing with thavar (that I used to wear)?


does this wash fit with leather shoes? thanks

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really like this one :o 

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hey DC,great pair and review~ I am also 5'6" and 29x30 thanaz 811e is a bit tight for me in the thigh&knee(140lbs here), can you tell how Belther fits compared to thanaz? thank you so much!
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Hello @manasdirge - hmmm i have Thanaz 887k and 74k which is not really how normal Thanaz fits.. but I find Belther more forgiving in the thighs so its not as tight.  Overall I like how Belther fit on me vs Thanaz.  Unless you have super muscular legs 28x30 or 29x30 should fit you nicely in this pair.  For Thavar's I buy 29x30 and this Belther I got 28x30 and they fit nice.




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Thanks for response Vince! I thought that the 29w Thanaz might be a little tight so I picked 811e which stated "Stretch" in the wash tab(and zip fly :)), well, that was not enough for me LOL(any idea if it will loose up after wear/wash?).


I happened to run into another kind seller who told me that with 29w Belther has thigh width at 27cm 10.63" and knee width at 20.5cm 8.07", while my 29w Thanaz had thigh width 25cm 9.84" and knee width 18.5cm 7.28" . with that information I would say that you are quite right, I should have picked Belther LOL


Thanks again and I hope my measurements will help someone in choosing Diesel jeans model :)



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