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Diesel Belther 824E Black jeans Detailed Review

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Hi Guys - made it home now and decided to set up some lights and do a review on these jeans.  They are new release from Diesel as part of the Spring/Summer 2014 collection.  I took advantage of the Cultzm discount during halloween and ordered one of these bad boys.



I ordered my usual size 28x30 and they fit right out of the box.  So I do not think there's any need to size up or down on these.  They are Made in Italy, and is 98% cotton and 2% elastane.  The jeans feels like 8-9 oz denim.  They are not thick, and they do not feel like tepphar stetchy material.  However the tag labeled them as stretch.


They come pre stacked, w/ "3D" patch at the buttons.  I truly love these jeans and the way they fit and flow.  All the pre stacks seem to be at the right spots.    They also have nice distress on them but not noticeable unless you look in detail.  





They come w/ a unique detail, the little red jewel on the back right pocket.  you either love them or not.  I personally think they are a neat little detail and yes under certain lights they do sparkle red.  But when worn they are not very noticeable.






Honestly these jeans fit really nice.  They hug around you as good as Shioner 801A does.  If you are in the market for pair of black jeans please check out these ones.  


I wore these 2 full days now and they seem to be fine.  Not stretched yet and everything still fits like it did.  so I do not recommend sizing up or down.  Go w/ your usual size.


I know there's other members on here who also has this pair already.  Feel free to add anything I've missed.  Let me know if any questions.


For the photographers; these photos are shot w/ my Canon 5D2 w/ 50mm F1.4.  2 flashes bounced to truly get the details of these black jeans to show.

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Looks amazing, great fit and background icon_biggrin.gif

Thx for the review
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hey dc, how much is the leg opening on belther? i search a black denim jeans and 824e is a great pair
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Hi Weenie - they measure 6 inches (15.3cm) across when jeans laying flat on the ground.  If you are okay w/ the low yoke and back pocket, they are a great pair. 

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thanks DC
i don't know that belther have so small leg opening!i definitely try belther, thx
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Great review, thank you very much!


It does have some nice 3D effects and stackings

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great pair DC!

love your collection on the background, espacially 68z.

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Very nice! Excellent fit. Def gonna get em now!
Btw, love the background.
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Thanks guys!!! Yah that's a denim wall I built to showcase the jeans and storage... People probably think I am crazy but luckily you guys appreciate it as much as I do icon_smile.gif
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To hell with other people who don't understand your art DC! You play the part of the tortured artist, you'll be in good company here!
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Great review, great background. Perfect explanation especially if someone is in the market for a new Belther! Good job!

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Hey DC, Before i say any thing i have to say some thing about your photography. The photos look fuckin awesome. Thanks for the great review. The jeans look great how different is it compare to Darron ?

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Awesome!!! definitely want to try belther!

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thats it. im getting a pair of those bad boys. and that background....epic! 

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awesome pics. awesome room. awesome jeans. they remind me of my 880g's.

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Thanks guys for all the kind words!!!! It was a lot of fun doing it and sharing the information.. I wil do more as we go..

DA - I think they fit way slimmer than darron. I haven't tried on any darron lately but I did try the blue eyecon Darron last season and they are much more straight and relaxed compare to Belther. Also Darron with the double seam at the bottom looks weird in my opinion.

USA retail should have these out on 11/19.. Give it a try before you buy just to be sure icon_smile.gif
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Thanks for the review, DC!

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Wow DC those babies look frickin great on you!  They are the perfect fit for you.  I'm sure that you are in love.  Unfortunately, I have a feeling that these will be too short for me. :-(  Thanks so much for an excellent writeup and for taking the time to share this with the crew.  You took some wonderful pics.

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Thanks Sanibeldude - I am not sure if these comes in 34L... but do check out BG80M for grey if you're still searching for one!

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thanks buddy.  By the way I got those black DBG Superbias  in the mail and they turned out great.  Thanks for your advice on those.  Nice clean tight fit and great thickness to the jeans.  I will post some fit pics tomorrow.

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i hate the background....



...because it isn't mine:D Looks just AMAZING!


Nice fit on the Belther

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Originally Posted by Relentless View Post

i hate the background....

...because it isn't mine:D Looks just AMAZING!

Nice fit on the Belther


I asked my wife could I make one as we're building our house at the minute and she laughed. Not sure if that's a yes or no...
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@Phukette when a woman just laughs after youve asked her something, it usually means YESNO  lol ...



that wall is something else, really. im not sure though if i would do it like that or if i would create a room closet and turn one wall into a denim wall and the rest just wooden shelves etc. it all depends on what space one has to spare. for instance all my 40+ pairs are stored on just two shelves cause i have TONS of free space right now :cry::-D hahahah

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hahaha.... I must admit I have been planting the seed to my wife about some sort of denim wall for sometime.... inceptioned her.  then when we actually got the house I just said this wall is going to be my denim wall so she actually didn't get bothered since I've been brain washing her for a while... :-P

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Well I also mentioned it to my wife and she also laughed.... she might consent  to allow me to do it if it was in the basement!!!  In my mind that woudl kind of defeat the purpose of showcasing them... as long as she allows me to continue buying jeans I can live with  it.   :fing:

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