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They look pretty good to me :)

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Nice wash and good fit, DC, but Sleenker is too tight for me. And like you said, sizing up will create problems in the waist. I'll have to give it a miss.

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They look great! They are on my list. If they fit like my Sleenker 886Z they will be great. It's nice to have some skinnies with a button fly for once!
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they look great on you.  I own them and they are my current fav pair of Diesels

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Let's see fit pix PJBUK
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I notice that most of you continue to prefer tepphars to sleenkers. That's my opinion as well. The latter are really too skinny all along the garnment but if u size up they will fit very bad.
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I think sleenkers need a little getting used to. They're new and most people are unsure of then. Plus, there isn't many washes available. Just wait till THAT wash comes out and we'll be all over it like flies on shit! It'll be like when 8X2 in thavar all over again!!
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@Denim Collector  That's one of the best fits I've seen on sleenker and I love the background!

What boots are those,they're really nice?


P.S. I'd keep them if I were you.

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Thanks Guys!!! Perhaps like Phukette mentioned it takes time to get used to...


The boots are from Campers. they are 3 yrs old now but the quality of the leather is just outstanding....

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My sleenkers

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They fit great PJBUK I will have to pull the trigger and get some too!
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ur wash looks so dark. guess it's just the lighting

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The Safado 824p is 50% off on Nordstrom today.
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