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Originally Posted by leftvapor View Post

@ Aramis and anyone else who has seen these IRL

In terms of the colours, would you say it is comparable to 8X2? I have looked on Cultizm and on Ssense and the pictures differ. Cultizm shows a golden rust whereas Sense shows white fading...

I prefer the skinnier leg opening so am considering selling my Thavar 8X2 and getting Sleenker 824P purely because of the fit.

Can you share any thoughts?

If you want to fit better to buy them. I can not say that they are the same color.

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Just pulled the trigger on the sleenker 886z.I got them for 102 euros with a 25% off discount on asos).

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Originally Posted by iPaul View Post

Just pulled the trigger on the sleenker 886z(got them for 102 euros with a 25% off discount on asos)

great price, congrats

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Originally Posted by iPaul View Post

Just pulled the trigger on the sleenker 886z.I got them for 102 euros with a 25% off discount on asos).


Let's see fit pix then!

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I ordered them last night,they haven't shipped them yet.I'll post fit pics as soon as I recieve them :D

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it looks awsome

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I picked up Sleenker 824P from Cultizm yesterday, they were reduced to £106 with free shipping so I pulled the trigger. They should be here tomorrow according to fedex so I will post some pics.......
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yah I got a pair too.. I'll post my photos once I get it and compare it w/ 8x2.


I actually noticed now SS'14 are not on sale on CULTIZM anymore.. i think they made a mistake and discounted all instead of just FW13 jeans.. and now they fixed it.  i am glad few lucky ones here grabbed some.

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As I was in Eindhoven last week, I had the chance to try the Sleenker at a store. I have to say that I am pretty impressed and stunned by that pair of jeans. They feel very comfortable! They are made out of a very thin fabric and they feel great! I was expevting something very uncomfortable(like my Thavar 816k) but they turned out to be a great new cut! 
I would suggest you guys to go with your usual size(I know you might have heard this before from others, I just want to confirm it)

I would love to see more fit pics from the lucky ones who got the Sleenker from Cultizm. Well, if you got it and it's not from Cultizm I would also like to see photos to compare. I really have these jeans on my list.

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I got these today so here is my opinion and some pictures. Im a bit of a sucker for a blue pair of jeans so upon first view, I was very happy with the wash although like Aramis said, not sure they can be compares to 8X2. The blue is similar but the ust is not there on 824P.

Pictures at home (poor lighting)...

Some fit pics that show the true colours of the jeans.....

For those that have not seen these IRL, I would like to explain the abrasions because website pics vary. The wash is very consistent and they have 880W type bleach spots underneath where the abrasions are. These are very thin. The pair is very stretchy and in terms of fit, they are very similar to Tepphar with only two differences that I notice; 1) higher crotch and 2) tigher in the crotch area (probably a result of the former).

All in all, I love these. I dont think you get much for less than £100 anymore so the £106 I paid for these was well worth it.
My only hope is that the Sleenker has not been introduced to replace Tepphar, although I feel in the long term, this may be the case.
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They look really good on you Leftvapor.Did you go with your regular tepphar size?Are they slimmer on the thigs than tepphar?

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Thanks iPaul
Yeah I went with my regular size 30/30.
They feel very similar on the thighs and lower leg to me also with similar leg opening.
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Great fit leftvapor. But that was to be expected as tepphar look great on you so sleenker should too.
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Thanks Phukette
I manage to take my pics in such a way that my massive thighs do not show so much. IRL you may change your opinion.
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The way you go on, you'd swear it was a magic camera mate!
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Mine's being delivered today but I'm still working out in San Jose this week.  I can't wait to get them now after seeing better photos of this pair... I paid $157CAD for them which is not too bad for a pair of new SS'14. 

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Here are some fitpics of my sleenker 824p made in tunisia. Got them from diesel online store. Got my usual size 29/30.

They are very comfy.







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Great fit!

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Great fit @ only the brave.

Mine are made in Italy but they do not have the 3 stitch italian flag. I was in London this weekend wearing my 824P so thought I would take advantage of the well lit changing rooms for some fit pics...

All Saints Merino Scoop
All Saints Blenham Leather
Sleenker 824P
Paul Smith trainers

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Sleenker will replace tepphars like thavar has replaced thavar. Higher and tighter croch the same way. I bet that tepphar will not survive spring/summer 14 season.
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I thought the same so I asked the guy in the Diesel store at the weekend and he said that was not the case.
Im hoping that he was right and it would make sense, Diesel classes Tepphar as 'the skinniest of the carrot family' so I dint think they would replace a carrot cut with a non-carrot cut.
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Originally Posted by only the brave View Post

Here are some fitpics of my sleenker 824p made in tunisia. Got them from diesel online store. Got my usual size 29/30.

They are very comfy.











Great Fit mate. Congratulations on the purchase.

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I am still debating if I should keep mine..... Although they are different but I find I grab my tepphar 880r over this pair...
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Hello - found sometime during holidays here and finally able to grab some shots of Sleenker 824P.







Just gonna discuss about some common questions and my opinions:


Q: Do they look like Thavar 8x2?? how do you compare that w/ Sleenker 84P.

A: I understand I can see some 'similarities', but they are not quite the same.  Starting from most obvious, the cut and then the materials are all completely different from 8x2.  8x2 is much much thicker denim.  Secondly the blue hue is slightly different.  8x2 has a bit more yellow tint to the denim where Sleenker 824P is bit more cool tone blue.


Q: What do you think of this pair overall?

A: I'm still in the bind.  I like it but I feel they are slightly too tight on me.  I got my usual size 28x30.  I think if I got 29x30 the legs would fit nicer but the waist will be a bit loose, creating a saggier bum look.  Secondly, I am still not completely sold on Sleenker cut yet.  I feel I may still like Tepphar on me a bit more.  Thus I may be little biased against Sleenker.


Overall I think they are excellent pair if you do not own pair of Thavar 8x2 or Tepphar 880r..  Also this pair I believe all newer productions will be non MII.  I got one of the first batches from Cultizm and mine is tagged MII.

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