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Love/Hate Relationship with Larkee

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I know that the current trend favors a tapered look for denim and I have to say that I'm on board.  I like the look.  It can appear more dressy and less "construction worker" which is a good thing every now and then.


I have a pair of Larkee 08RQ's and I like them.  They are a nice dark blue wash and when I put them on they FEEL SO COMFORTABLE.  But often, by the end of a day, I'm not so up on them.  They either feel too baggy or don't look as sharp as I thought they did when I first put them on.  Recently I hadn't considered getting more Larkee.

But then I went to the Diesel store online and quickly scanned all the Diesel models that were up on the web page.  Just based on my initial gestalt from that quick scan, my eyes were taken first to a pair of, yes, Larkee 0073N.  The same model is wearing all the jeans so the impression I got can't have been from the guy that was wearing them.  But there it was, undeniably so; every time I scanned over the page, I was left with the impression that the best looking (and apparently best fitting) Diesel's were that Larkee.


I've tried to understand my basis for the impression and I'm pretty sure that it has to do with the frontal views.  The Larkee apeear to make the guy's legs look bigger compared to other Diesel models and I guess I think that a guy probably seems to look better with larger legs than smaller legs.


So I want to ask ... what are your current opinions and thoughts about Larkee?  It has been a very long-lived Diesel jeans model.


Since Larkee isn't in-line with what appears to be the current preferences for denim, do you think Larkee is something you'd favor?  Do you own any Larkee?  Has Larkee run its course?  Would you buy some Larkee?  I have just one pair (my last two Diesels were Krayer and Darron ... so, yeah, tapered).


I'd love to hear what you all thought.  Thanks.

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larkee is probably my 2nd or 3rd fav cut by diesel. the problem youre making is thinking the cut on the model is how it will look on you. IT WONT. you have a different body. i personally find larkee very comfortable and not at all baggy, but i have pretty muscular legs. i do agree larkee is proabably on it's way out especially since the waykee came out a year ago or so. you might want to look into that cut. i dont own any waykee's but from what i understand it's a slightly tapered version of the larkee.

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Awesome.  Waykee is not a cut I've had any experience with.  I'm going to be in Chicago soon so I'll go to the Diesel store and see if there's some I can try on.


Like you I've got a big butt and big legs, so I suppose that's why I keep going back to my Larkees.  Viker, Zatiny, Darron ... I like they way they look but they are certainly more snug.


If Larkee is your 2nd or 3rd favorite cuts ... what are you favorite cuts?  I may be able to look at them in Chicago.

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viker is my fav and i go back and forth between if i like larkee or braddom more

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