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Thavar 8b9 wash variance

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I've found a pair of thavar 8b9 in my size but in the pic it looks super light! More so than other pics than I've seen on here. Included is a link of the jeans for sale. Are some just brighter or is it the flash of the camera?

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It could be that he washed the crap out of them and you are just seeing a super worn out pair.

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Hmm. You'd think that if he washed them there would be less white? I found some brand new ones in a YouTube video that look white as hell too

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They do vary, my boyfriend has a darker blue pair in Thavar, but he saw a pair in store which were much lighter. They must be from different runs or different LABs I think. I remember having 81M years ago, one pair was really light and had nicer stitching on the leather patch, the other was much darker and the stitching was different. They do vary a lot when from different lines. Don't they still product 8B9 now? It's been out ages, so it might have changed over the seasons a bit maybe?

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Thanks Lorna. Looks like I'm passing on those then. icon_sad.gif
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I had 3 pairs of 8b9 and they are different. it all depends on labs

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Thanks Aramis appreciate the feedback!
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