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Diesel Watches - sizes and sales.

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Hello guys, I was at V&D a dutch store that sells practically everything and they had Diesel watches. So I thought to go see them and I actually got interested in one. It was for 229 euro. Which to tell you the truth doesn't appear to be that much for that watch as I see it.

Well, It is this watch - http://store.diesel.com/nl/timeframes_cod28000417ws.html
And I even took a photo of it so that you can confirm that this is it. Do you think that this is it? -> 



But as I walked in at home and decided to find it in the official Diesel online store I decided to take a look at the other ones and fell in love with this one, which is smaller and definitely will look better on my skinny wrist. And it is also more simple, no added things i don't need and won't use but pay for it like the ones from the bigger one(229 euro watch).

So what do you guys think about this one that  I actually found to be better but i haven't seen it live, just online -> http://store.diesel.com/nl/timeframes_cod28000411fp.html

Also, do Diesel watches get sales and discounts on the official Diesel Online store or that basically never happens? I really want to know because I want to know if I should wait until they go on sale or get it before they run out of the in stock.

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@ Straychev, The first watch looks different form the photo you took. To the diesel website especially the face of the dial. I prefer the first one than the second watch. The chronograph looks nice on the first watch compare to just simple dial on the second one. I never seen diesel website has sale on the watches. May be the department stores might have in your country. As far as diesel watches go they are awesome i have like 5 of them from diesel you always get compliments.

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Thanks for the reply, D.A.!

Well, you are correct, the one from my photo looks kind of different from the one from the website. And you are correct, it does look better when it's a chronograph. But I don't need that much numbers and functions. I just need a watch. But you are right, it just really does look kind of better and more finished with the chronograph!

I will think about it, because I really am looking for a watch and Diesel is my favourite brand, so why not get a watch from them :)

Yep :)

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