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My Own Denim Bar - Page 2

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Very nice

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I saw this when you first posted but every so often I come back and have a look again. Fucking Amazin mate.
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I agree. Your display is so amazing. Wish I could find room for something even remotely similar!

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Thanks so much man for all the compliments!! few people have came over since we moved into the house and they all call me nuts.

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Would it be too much to ask if you wouldn't mind identifying all the jeans by cut and wash? :-)

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If you let me know which pair interests you and I will let you know icon_smile.gif
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Such a bad@$$ display!
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Thanks man!!!! 

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DC for president :P
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Originally Posted by baltimore View Post

DC for president :P

+1 ;)

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Bring me back diesel shop :). Inspiration 

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So amazing! I wish I had room in my apartment to do this!

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Interesting to see how some are made :)

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