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jean length

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how long ar your guys diesels and other jeans without shoes on. way under your feet? an inch or so under your feet? just grazing the ground? barely off the ground? inch or so from touching ground? greater than an inch from touching the ground?

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most diesel jeans tend to run longer in length. For example my Thavar says that it is L32 but it is more like L33 when you measure it is longer than what it says on the label. But some washes come in normal size as it is stated on the label.

I hope the information helps.

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Lenght depends on the cut (mostly) and on the wash also. Every cut is supposed to be worn differently.
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most diesel jeans tend to run longer in length. 


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my belthers in my usual length don't touch the ground when i don't wear shoes (about 1/2 inch to an inch from the ground) too short??

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fit pics)

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