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Are my Diesel Vikers too Big? (see pics)

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Hello Everyone,


     I'm new to this site, but have been lurking on it for a bit and have found everyone's knowledge very useful.  Ass shots everywhere!  Jk... kind of... Anyways, I recently bought a pair of Diesel Viker jeans in 31" and think they might be too loose.  I'm usually a 31 in most brands.  When I wear them very low, they're tighter, but I wanted to ask you guys if you think its too big.  Unfortunately, since i got it from Nordstroms Rack, they didnt have any other sizes so I might have to return it.  It fits perfectly everywhere else (not too loose and not too tight while still being very form fitting) and I love the wash/quality, and I like how it doesn't taper smaller at the end which seems to be the style going around these days.  I'm not a fan of that look (at least on myself).  Would love to hear what you guys think!  Not sure if this is how loose jeans are supposed to fit or not.




Thank you!

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I would definitely recommend sizing down.

Currently I'm having the same issue with one of my Tepphars (8Y0 wash).
The waist stretched significantly even though I sized down, now resulting in a similar fit as on your pics.

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Thanks guys!  So go to 30" or even 29"?  29" seems a little extreme to me (mainly because I cant remember the last time I was that waist size and the fact that it starts with a '2' )

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I had to drop a size down on my viker 88z from my normal size
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Again, thanks for your feedback.  It is very helpful in my assessment.  I just came across this link that brings some sense to the whole reason why the waist on Diesel jeans seems oversized:  




Basically, because Diesel jeans are designed to ride so low on the waist, they allow for a more generous fit there.  If this is pretty obvious knowledge, I apologize, but just thought I'd share anyways.

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Well, it's a bit too general to say that Diesels are designed to sit low on your waist. It depends on the cut and its rise. Not all Diesel cuts are low rise. I guess it's just a policy of the company for the waist to run large and to me it's also a proof that these are really handfinished. 

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