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I definitely used to be a skittle although with a bubble butt (the butt from competitive running more than genetics I think)

2 years ago I had a baby. My pelvic joints separated too far and became unstable and I spent a long time in a wheelchair then rehab.

I'm fine now but I want to stop wearing my maternity pants.

My b cup chest is now d cup. My once flat small waist is slim above the belly button but I have a big wobbly belly below the belly button.
My once muscular butt is now flat and my lower thighs are now thin. I have zero saddlebags but big upper inner thigh wobble.

I can't be an apple because my legs are not naturally thin. I have big knees and inner thighs - leggings look gross.
I'm not a brick because my thighs aren't muscular anymore and I have never had wide shoulders.

I don't have time to try on millions of pairs and don't live near any big malls either so I plan to buy on revolve and return if they don't fit but I would really love to know where to start.

I am 5'5", about a US size 2. Stretch denim looks horrid on my inner thigh wobble. My old pre baby COH Ava straight legs in size 25 don't look too bad on my thighs and hips but I get a revolting muffin top and a serious red mark on my waist if I try to wear them even for a short time.

Wondering about Paiges - I know they have a wider waistband but can you fit wobbly upper thighs and big knees in them?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions