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Ciao ragazzi! ;)

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Hello dear,

My name is Andrea, i am Italian and wearing only jeans diesel.. my collection is:


Krooley-ne 802Q

Krooley-ne 800B

Krooley-ne 884W

Safado 8J1

Shioner 3A7

Thavar 882R (with patch)

Thanaz 74K (W30 L30, i selling online on Ebay: http://www.ebay.it/itm/JEANS-DIESEL-THANAZ-74K-W30-L30-come-nuovo-like-new-/261301037495?pt=Jeans_uomo&hash=item3cd6c169b7)

Chi tight an (black pants) and one brown pants (no acronym)


....ciao a tutti! ;)

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