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Thavar 821B Show

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A most recent purchase, love it. The wash is special and effort is made into details. The Denim is stretchy, top quality. Not that thick as I expected, but might have to give way to elasticity. The size that I purchased is W28, only one length. W28 runs a little big since I normally wear W28 for other cuts which means a W27 for Thavar is perfect for me. Anyway, here are the selfies. The size is as following:


Inceam/Length: 102cm

Waist:  39cm

thigh: 17.5cm

leg: 16.5


Sorry for using metric system. But I'm a Chinese and I am more used to that.


Here are the pics:













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WOW those look great. Very different from the photos i have seen of this pair and fit you very well :) 

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Thanks, bro.

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very  nice - you should post more tho.. only 3 posts since 2010!! hahaha..


but i do notice these don't stack well eh?? it looks similar to like 74Y where it doesn't really stack properly due to the thickness make up of the denim.

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they look really cool

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Agree DC. Same with tepphar you have to get perfect length.
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Oh wow really nice icon_smile.gif
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Great fit and thanks for the review!

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The huge front patch on right thigh is awful and the jeans cost almost 400€ at cultizm. And the guy should have size down at last 2 size. The jeans will stretch like hell since there is 6% elastin. Except the patch looks like the 814m or the yellow tepphar i have.
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Nice color and fit! Im jealous of that! Also nice thread(show) :)

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great fit.

I'll buy that wash for sure.

very nice color.

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They look awesome! Very tempted to get one now, but the price tag has too high digits lol.

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