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For Sale:
Jeans for sale - Thavar 888P, Tepphar 804K, Adi-Poiak 8U5, Thanaz 660Q, Thavar 801C, Shioner 74Z

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi everyone, 


I am a long time fan of diesel and have too many pair of jeans. Therefore, I have decided to size down my collection.

I will post some photo as soon as i can. All prices include shipping to US. All jeans are Brand new with tag and never been worn or washed.



Thavar 888P 27X30 - $230 

Tepphar 804K 26x30 - $200

Adi-Poiak 8U5 27x30 - $180

Thanaz 660Q 27x30 - $190

Thavar 801C 27x30 - $190

Shioner 74Z 27x30 - $190