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Is this site legit?

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I just find this site and on contrary of the others fake diesel website, they do have a postal adress. I know that this dont mean anything but it's quite unusual for a fake site.

Anyway, I'm waiting for your answers/opinion

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I wouldn't recommend you buying anything from them.It looks supscious,to say the least and I couldn't find any reviews regarding their merchandise.

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if it seems to good to be true it probably is!

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Fake. I usually use Alexa to check for website reputations before any business with them.

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Why would a legit site use "cheap" in its domain name? :-D

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Again, any website with diesel in their name but not diesel.com is fake!!!
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Its FAKE, we looked into them as their pricing was unbelievable, with good reason, they are selling fake jeans, we bought a pair to check, they have a few sites so be wary!

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