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Who's editing Marketplace thread titles?

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Just wondering--


I was checking up on my threads real quick and saw that someone had edited the title of one of my threads to include the phrase "Gently Used" (I just changed it to "EUC"): http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/198179/euc-7fam-gwenevere-in-california-31-fits-30-hips-x-31


Can someone notify me if there is a rule mandating that we use this phrase in our listings? Honestly, I don't like that usage at all (and EUC is a much classier way of putting it) so unless this is a site mandate, which I don't see posted anywhere, it's a little rude to add that where it wasn't requested. I saw it on a couple other people's listings but it was never added to any of my other listings, even though the vast majority of mine are for EUC items.



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Hi shopaholism, according to the log your thread was edited by ipaul. I would contact him with your query.
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Hi Shopaholism,you have to mentiont the product's condition in the listing's title as well.It is stated in the Marketplace rules.As a mod,I should've PMed you first and ask you to modify the title,but the problem is that most members do not reply to my PMs withing 48 hours,therefore I am forced to delete their listings.I though it would be best if I edited the listing myself,instead of PM you.Cheers!

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I see--is this a new rule, then? In 5 years of having my listings up here I've never heard that it also needed to be in the title, but maybe nobody mentioned it because I describe the condition in great detail within each post, as you probably noticed. I also found it strange that only one of my 60+ listings was edited. Since I'm on the lookout for PMs from prospective buyers I check the site almost daily, so you need not have worried about replying to PMs--I am one of the site's most active users. As it happens I am going to be out of the country for 3+ months starting next week, so all sales will be on hold anyway, but please do not hold off on PM-ing active members if something needs to be addressed. The fact that only one listing was tampered with really made me suspicious that there was a site issue allowing another user to edit my post (perhaps trying to edit their own post but being redirected to my post because of a site bug). Once I return and am able to sell again I will make a note of the condition in each of the titles if it's required, but in the meantime please PM users who appear to be active on the site if you need them to edit something, otherwise, it will make them think their posts were hacked.

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