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Which wash is this? Can't find it nowhere...



Originally Posted by DieselBoy786 View Post

New Krooley Jogg jeans. Best Jogg Jean wash ever imo

Edit: Ok i've found it myself. KROOLEY-NE 606F

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can someone tell me the name of the shoes that we can see on most sleenker pictures on diesel online store :



Thank you very much ;)

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Could be Jacob.
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Yes they look like jacob/thor but still different.

I don't know if it is a new pair but they are not on the store yet...

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those are wolf in all black

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Thanks ;)

But no longer available nowhere :(

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there are few sizes on ebay (canada i guess).

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Has anyone bought TEPPHAR 827Y?


Looking for reallife images / fit pics ....


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check @giamatshop listings. hes selling this tepphar and has some real life photos, even though they are kinda dark

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On every site 824b looks different......
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Thanks very much!
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i´m looking for a diesel leather jacket lalo from an older collection.... if someone wants to sell his,please write me..... 

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TEPPHAR 827Y  is definitely great wash, with real color paint. I very curios why diesel not sell this.

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Yep cool wash, thanx straychev

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I have a few questions about manufacturing of diesel SS14
Last month, i sell thavar604N, inside tags say MADE in ITALY but nowadays it from tunesia. When i look at Sleenker 824P, it is same of this problem.
Overall look not difference but why diesel do this policy ?

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Kunz. I was hoping they putted that shoes on sales this winter, to steal the last 10 avaiable but they didn't. :(

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that's just sad... jeans made entirely from little leather patch labels

And the price .....

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they are cool.



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those must be the strangest pair of pants ever. only thing that could make them crazier is if they had a third leg.

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