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Looking for a cut

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Hi fellows, does anyone know if diesel has such a cut that has a thigh width as krooley or darron and narrow leg like thavar or shioner? My thigh is kind of thick so wearing thavar or shioner make me look kind of like wearing women's legging. But I pretty much like narrow leg opening. As a matter of fact, I found Eddy from WESC fits me perfectly. But diesel got so much characters that you can't let go. Any input appreciated. Thank you.
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You may try Narrot, although it is designed as cropped style,you can choose a longer length to wear like a full-length jeans
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One of my favorite cuts. And you'll probably won't see anyone else wearing it. Check it out. You should know that they are a bit twisted though so ordering a size longer than normal is a good idea.Otherwise you'll have to wear them as low rise jeans. Still looks cool. Hope this helps.

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Isn't Krayver like Krooley, which has a kind of wider leg width than I want? Actually, Nudie's Grim Tim also makes me quite satisfiied. Sadly, as a diesel fan for many years, I can't find a cut that perfectly fits me.icon_surprised.gif
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That's impossible. They have so many cuts. Have you tried Braddom ?

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